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POZOR - ve dnech 23.12. a 31.12.2017 - výdej zboží na provozovně do 12:00 hod.
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The DORANT s.r.o. Firm - Producer of delicatessen

We offer production
delicatessen such as open sandwiches, salads, spraeds, garnished dish, a lot of titbits
We fulfil the exacting rules of The EU !
We have the registration number 4884 in The Europian Union. We are included in The

Beer Festivals, Maxi Sandwich
We made The Biggest Open Sandwich in the World
The Sandwich is registrated in The Czech Records Book
Sandwich is 14,02 m long !!

Our new specializatoin is to provide the complete catering service including the professional attendance – for illustration click on

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