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The History of The DORANT s.r.o. Firm

      The history of The DORANT s.r.o. Firm starts in 1927.At this time the firm owned a shop with its own bakery. Thanks to its history our firm belongs among the companies with the oldiest self-making tradition.
      The contemporary DORANT s.r.o. Firm – Producer of Delicatessen started its activity in October 1991 by privatization of the former central building in Všebořická Street. From this time the areas for making our products have been improving,modernizing and equipped by nessesary machinery.This also ensures regular daily production of delicatessen asked by our customers.
Výrobní hala
       All the modernizing fulfils the exacting rules of the Europian Union , the cooling technology is checked by a computer. Our producing areas are equipped by expensive machinery,for example the machine for vacuum packing our output called ´VAKET´ or the pot appliance specialized for packing the products with the long durabilty. This technical equippment makes improvement and acceleration of our production possible. Nevertheless we still need our 45 skillful and deft employees who fulfil their charge everyday so our firm can supply a wide network of shops in the town and round it too.
Vozový park
       Everyday three special cooling vehicles deliver our products round the regions of Ústí nad Labem, Děčín, Teplice and Litoměřice. Several times a week the shops in Chomutov, Kadaň, Klášterec nad Ohří, Most and Litvínov are supplied by the products from us. We also have customers and consumers in the capital city Prague. We have a wide variety of products and we are able to produce nearly everything from the cold cooking. It starts by several sorts of open sandwiches, salads, spreads, garnished bagettes or rolls, garnished dish and it goes to various titbits too. Thanks to daily operation of our firm we constantly produce fresh products. In spite of this fact we use natural stabilizators which can prolong the durability of some our products up to 5 days. Sandwiches are best to consume till 24 hours, packaged products such as hamburgers, bagettes, rolls are best to use till 3 days – these ones have a special code for better selling. Salads and spreads for the individual customers weigh 100-140g and their durability is up to 21 days.
Majitel firmy DORANT s.r.o.
       Except our own output we are able to supply the products for different types of banquets, feasts and wedding parties too.
       Our objective is to fulfil all desires of our customers. We know that the best presentation of our firm is to ensure perfect service for everyone.